Black Readymade Blouse
Black Readymade Blouse
Black Readymade Blouse
Black Readymade Blouse

Black Readymade Blouse

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Elevate your saree game effortlessly with our exquisite black readymade blouse. Crafted with precision to fit like a dream, this blouse is a versatile piece that effortlessly adds glamour to any saree ensemble. The intricate detailing on the blouse elevates its elegance, making it the perfect choice for both casual and formal occasions.




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Chanderi Silk


Short Sleeves


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Designed for the modern woman with a flair for fashion, our black readymade blouse seamlessly combines style and comfort. The premium quality fabric ensures a luxurious feel against your skin, while the flattering silhouette accentuates your curves beautifully. With its classic black color, this blouse is a wardrobe staple that effortlessly complements a variety of sarees. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of tailoring with our chic black readymade blouse. The easy-to-wear design ensures a hassle-free dressing experience, making it a go-to choice for busy days or special events. Whether you're attending a wedding or a dinner party, this blouse is the perfect choice to make a stylish statement effortlessly. 

Elegant Black Readymade Blouse


Enhance your saree ensemble with this elegant black readymade blouse. Perfect for various occasions, this blouse is a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe. 

Versatile Styling Options


  • Pair this black readymade blouse with a traditional saree for a classic look. 
  • Create a modern twist by matching it with a contemporary drape. 
  • Transition seamlessly from day to night with this versatile piece. 

Comfort and Style Combined


Crafted with high-quality fabric, this black readymade blouse ensures both comfort and style. The tailored fit accentuates your silhouette, making it a must-have for any saree lover. 

Stylish Black Readymade Blouse


Make a fashion statement with this stylish black readymade blouse. Designed to elevate your saree ensemble, this blouse exudes sophistication and charm. 

Trendy Design Details


  • The intricate embroidery on this black readymade blouse adds a touch of elegance. 
  • The delicate beadwork enhances the overall appeal of the blouse. 
  • The stylish back design makes this blouse perfect for any special occasion. 

Effortless Elegance


With this black readymade blouse, achieving a stylish and elegant look is effortless. Simply pair it with your favorite saree, and you're ready to turn heads at any event.

What sizes are available for the black readymade blouse?


The black readymade blouse is available in a variety of sizes to suit different body types. Our sizing options range from Small to Extra Large.  

  • Small  
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • Extra Large 
  • XXL

How should I care for my black readymade blouse?


Caring for your black readymade blouse is essential to maintain its beauty and longevity. To keep it in top condition, we recommend:  

  • Hand washing in cold water with mild detergent 
  • Avoiding harsh chemicals or bleach 
  • Ironing on low heat if necessary 

What material is the black readymade blouse made of?


Our black readymade blouses are crafted from high-quality fabric to ensure comfort and durability. The material used for the black readymade blouse is typically a blend of cotton and silk, offering a luxurious feel and elegant drape.  

  • Cotton-silk blend fabric 
  • Soft and breathable 
  • Smooth texture 

Can I customize the black readymade blouse with embellishments?


At this time, we do not offer customization services for embellishments on our black readymade blouses. However, the simplicity of the blouse provides a perfect canvas for you to add your own personal touch with accessories like brooches, pins, or statement jewelry.

  • Add your own embellishments 
  • Style with accessories 
  • Personalize to suit your taste

Are the black readymade blouses suitable for special occasions?


The black readymade blouses are versatile pieces that can be styled for various occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events. The classic black color allows for easy pairing with different sarees and accessories, making it a wardrobe staple for any special event.  

  • Versatile for all occasions 
  • Easy to style with different sarees 
  • Elevate your look for special events 

Customer Reviews

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Love it!!!!

one of my fav blouse. it's perfect for saree and skirts also!

Unique designe

very different and classy blouse



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