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How to Wear Sarees in Different Styles

Are you looking to elevate your traditional attire and make a style statement with sarees? Welcome to the ultimate guide on styling sarees in different ways brought to you by Sttylme! Sarees are a timeless and versatile garment that can be draped in numerous ways to suit various occasions and moods. Whether you are a saree aficionado or a newbie looking to experiment with this elegant outfit, we have got you covered!

Discover the art of draping sarees in innovative and trendy styles that will set you apart from the crowd. From classic pleats to modern drapes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adorning a saree in a unique way. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through creative techniques to wear sarees that will enhance your beauty and confidence, regardless of the occasion.

Join us as we delve into the world of saree styling and unleash your inner fashionista with Sttylme's expert tips and tricks. Whether you prefer a traditional look, a contemporary twist, or a fusion of both, we have curated a collection of styling ideas for sarees that cater to every taste and preference. Let's embrace the elegance and charm of sarees while exploring the limitless possibilities of dressing up in sarees like never before!

Wear Sarees in Different Styles

Sarees are a versatile garment that can be styled in various ways to create unique looks. Whether it's for a traditional event or a modern occasion, there are many ways to wear sarees that suit different tastes and preferences. Here are some tips on how to wear sarees in different styles:

Dressing a Saree in a Traditional Style

For those who adore the classic elegance of a traditional saree drape, here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Pleats and Pallu:

- Create neat and even pleats at the waist to maintain a structured look.

- Let the pallu (loose end) hang gracefully over the shoulder to enhance the traditional appeal.

- Secure the pallu with pins to maintain it in place throughout the day or event.

Experimenting with Contemporary Saree Draping

If you're in the mood to experiment and showcase your creative side, try these tips for a contemporary saree look:

1. Dhoti Style Saree:

- Drape the saree in a dhoti style by tucking it in between the legs like a pant.

- Pair it with a modern blouse to balance the traditional and contemporary elements.

- Add a belt around the waist to give the ensemble a trendy touch.

2. Lehenga Style Saree:

- Pleat the saree at the waist and tuck it in neatly, resembling a lehenga skirt.

- Use a pre-pleated or pre-stitched saree for a hassle-free lehenga-style look.

- Accessorize with a statement belt or waistband for a fashionable twist.

3. Saree Gown:

- Opt for a pre-draped saree gown that combines the elegance of a saree with the convenience of a gown.

- Choose a fitted blouse or top to complement the flowy silhouette of the saree gown.

- Style with contemporary jewelry and accessories to complete the modern look.

By exploring different draping styles and experimenting with various elements, you can infuse your personal style into how you wear sarees, allowing you to stand out and make a fashion statement with this timeless Indian attire.

Incorporating Modern Trends into Saree Draping

Incorporating modern trends into traditional attire like sarees can create a striking and stylish look. Here are two popular modern styles to try:

Fusion Saree Draping

Embrace a fusion look by combining elements of different cultures in your saree drape:

  • Indo-Western Fusion: Pair a saree with a crop top or a shirt for a contemporary twist.
  • Layering: Experiment with layering by adding a jacket or a cape over your saree for a chic appearance.
  • Mixing Fabrics: Play with fabrics like silkchiffon, and georgette to add texture and depth to your ensemble.

Ruffle Saree Style

Ruffles are a fun and trendy addition to traditional sarees, adding volume and drama to your look:

  • Ruffled Pallu: Include ruffles on the pallu for a playful and modern touch.
  • Ruffle Borders: Opt for a saree with ruffle detailing on the borders for a statement look.
  • Belted Ruffles: Add a belt to cinch the waist and enhance the ruffle detailing on the saree.

Saree Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Sarees offer a myriad of styling options that cater to both traditional and contemporary preferences. Here's a guide on how to wear sarees in different styles to suit various occasions and moods.

Traditional Elegance

For those who appreciate timeless charm and grace, follow these guidelines to achieve a traditional saree look:

1. Classic Draping:

- Focus on creating well-defined pleats around the waist for a polished appearance.

- Let the pallu drape elegantly over the shoulder to exude sophistication.

- Secure the pallu neatly with pins to ensure it stays in place all day.

Contemporary Flair

Explore modern saree draping styles to express your unique fashion sense and creativity:

1. Pant Saree:

- Embrace the dhoti style by tucking the saree between your legs for a chic and unconventional look.

- Match it with a contemporary blouse to blend traditional and modern aesthetics seamlessly.

- Elevate the outfit with a stylish belt to add a trendy element to your ensemble.

2. Skirt Saree:

- Mimic a lehenga by neatly pleating the saree at the waist for a fashionable twist.

- Consider opting for a pre-stitched saree for a hassle-free lehenga-style appearance.

- Accessorize with a statement waistband or belt to infuse a touch of glamour into your outfit.

3. Saree Gown:

- Opt for a pre-draped saree gown for the ultimate fusion of traditional and contemporary styles.

- Choose a well-fitted blouse or top that complements the flowy silhouette of the gown.

- Complete the look with modern jewelry and accessories for a sophisticated finish.

By experimenting with different saree draping techniques and incorporating modern elements, you can elevate your saree game and make a sartorial statement that truly reflects your style and personality.

What are some popular styles for wearing sarees?

There are various ways to drape a saree, each style offering a unique look that can suit different occasions and body types. Some popular styles for wearing sarees include:

  • Nivi Style: Originating from Andhra Pradesh, this is the most common style where the pallu is draped over the left shoulder.
  • Bengali Style: In this style, the pleats are in the front with the pallu wrapped around the waist and draped over the left shoulder.
  • Gujarati Style: Characterized by the pallu draped in the front from the right shoulder to the left hip, making it easy to manage and showcasing the intricate designs.

How can I style a saree for a modern look?

To create a modern and fashionable look with a saree, consider these styling tips:

  • Experiment with Fabric: Try contemporary fabrics like georgette or chiffon for a lighter and trendier feel.
  • Belt it Up: Adding a belt over the saree at the waist can give a chic and structured look.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: Opt for trendy accessories like statement earrings or a stylish clutch to elevate your modern saree look.

Can you suggest a style for a saree for a formal event?

For a formal event, you can opt for the following classy saree styling tips:

  • Choose Rich Fabrics: Opt for luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet for a sophisticated look.
  • Embellishments: Select sarees with elegant embellishments like sequins, embroidery, or zari work for a formal touch.
  • Drapping Style: Consider draping your saree in a classic way like the Nivi style for a formal and elegant appearance.

How can I wear a saree casually for a day out?

If you want to wear a saree casually for a day out, here are some easy and comfortable styling ideas:

  • Cotton Saree: Choose a lightweight cotton saree for a casual and breathable option.
  • Simple Draping: Opt for a basic saree draping style that's easy to manage and comfortable to wear.
  • Footwear: Pair your casual saree look with comfortable footwear like flats or sandals for a relaxed vibe.

What are some tips for accessorizing a saree?

Accessorizing a saree can enhance your overall look. Here are some tips for accessorizing a saree effectively:

  • Jewelry: Choose jewelry pieces that complement the saree's color and design without overpowering the look.
  • Clutch or Handbag: Opt for a stylish clutch or handbag that coordinates with your saree for a polished finish.
  • Footwear: Pair your saree with the right footwear, like heels for a formal event or flats for a casual outing, to complete your look effortlessly.